Water Features

Many outdoor aficionados who are eager to build a beautiful natural area in their backyard or elsewhere on their property often go one step further than just plants, trees, and shrubs and opt for the inclusion of a water feature of some kind.

A water feature in your outdoor living space adds a whole new dimension to that part of your exterior. Water features can be artistic and over-the-top, they can be small and quite natural, and they will also provide that peaceful feeling you get when you hear soft flowing water nearby. After all, who doesn’t love the sound of the ocean’s waves or the gentle lapping of a slow-moving stream?

Water features can be simple and easy to maintain or large and much more complex than just your average pond. Some homeowners opt for their water feature as the center of their landscaping while others view a water feature as simply a small part of their whole landscaping plan.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll find that the sound of moving water in your yard provides an extra bit of beauty and calm that you and your guests will enjoy.


If you have ample space, you may opt to choose the traditional pond, which is a favorite with many homeowners in British Columbia. Ponds take on all shapes and sizes and many homeowners love them because they attract interesting wildlife like frogs, dragonflies, and perhaps even deer.

Most ponds start at about 20 square-feet in size though smaller ones are possible but not necessarily worth the cost, experts note. The water in a pond moves slightly – not too much – but circulation can be increased for those who’d like to raise koi in their pond. Some maintenance is required, of course, especially for those raising koi, but the maintenance needs are easily learned by the homeowner or may be left to the landscaper, who can do what it takes to maintain the pond throughout B.C.’s various seasons.


The so-called “gurgler” water feature is much smaller than a pond and may be able to fit into a large pot or some other sort of contained unit. Some gurglers include rocks or boulders made of granite or limestone or might even be part of a whimsical unit fashioned in the shape of a fish or other animal. Some are small enough to sit tabletop while others might become the focal point of your patio or garden. As the name indicates, they feature just a small flow of water and make just a tiny amount of noise.

Gurglers are recirculating, so you’re not consuming large amounts of water if you install one. A pump is used to move the water upward to create a trickling or falling effect into a lower basin or reservoir where the water gathers for recirculation. It’s that simple! Maintenance for gurglers includes keeping an eye on the water level and making sure there’s no mineral buildup on the tubes.

Which is right for me?

The kind of water feature you choose for your outdoor living and entertainment area will depend on a number of factors. Space is usually one of the first considerations for those who want to go “all out” with their water feature choice. Budget is also something to ponder, of course, as is the level of maintenance you -the homeowner – wishes to perform on a regular basis.

Consult with the experts at Huckleberry Landscape Design to determine which type of water feature will fit both your budget and your dreams for your backyard outdoor space. They can assist you in choosing one that ticks all your boxes and can even assist with regular maintenance of your chosen water feature.

We were so pleased about the finished job Anne did at our church that we had her come to our home to help us design a new garden after I had removed a 40 foot dying tree. Anne and her assistant visited our home and spent a couple of hours getting to know us as gardeners and seeking our input into the garden. She sent us her proposal on e-mail and we had her proceed. Her company was here at the appointed time and everything was completed quickly and the result has continued to please us three years later. When the replacement tree was not thriving Anne saw that it was replaced and put into our rear garden “just in case”. Both trees are thriving!


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