Landscape Lighting

Lighting is often the last thing many of our customers think about when planning their landscaping…until they realize that darkness may impact how and when they use their outdoor space.

There are many reasons for selecting good landscape lighting, but the primary reason – we like to say – is to extend your enjoyment time!

Good lighting allows you to stay outside longer, play more games, and enjoy more conversations. It lets you make the most of that time of year when you’d much rather be outside than inside, enjoying what nature offers, whether you’re catching some much-needed alone time or spending it with those you love.

At Huckleberry Landscape Design, we don’t believe landscape lighting should be obtrusive. We discourage in-your-face kinds of lighting that don’t blend with the atmosphere of your outdoor entertainment space. We also don’t push a certain lighting manufacturer or a certain lighting type. We sell the effect, not the fixture!

What should good landscape lighting accomplish?

Aside from the obvious perks of suitable lighting in your outdoor area, landscape lighting that is done correctly can make your exterior space look more dramatic and will serve to focus attention on your landscape’s most important details, including both hardscape and softscape elements.

For example, you may opt for soft spotlights that highlight your best plants or a water feature. You might place some lights so that they cast intriguing shadows here and there. And, of course, you’ll need ample lighting to keep you and your guests safe, like fixtures that like walkways, driveways, and your patio or deck.

Whichever direction you head, you’ll want your lighting to blend seamlessly with the other elements in your outdoor space, not stick out!

Installing landscape lighting

Most of today’s landscape lighting is low-voltage. This means it costs less money to install and is also safer for everyone who comes in contact with it. Just because it’s low-voltage, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same effects as you would with high-voltage lighting. An expert skilled in landscape lighting, like the professionals at Huckleberry Landscape Design, can certainly come up with a plan that takes full advantage of what you can achieve with low-voltage lighting.

Furthermore, the maintenance on this type of lighting is pretty minimal. Homeowners simply need to make sure that the fixtures remain free of debris, like leaves, in order to avoid overheating, which could indeed cause a fire. Any burned-out bulbs should be replaced immediately so as to keep the entire system working efficiently.

Hire a professional or do it yourself?

There are certainly plenty of homeowners who install landscape lighting on their own. But unless you truly know the ins and outs of landscape design, it isn’t likely you’ll be able to draft a design that will allow you to take full advantage of all that outdoor lighting can do. If you never heard of wash lights, bullet lights, downlights, wells, and floodlights, chances are you may not have the knowledge you need to put together something both lovely and practical, even if you are a quick study.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtors notes that buyers are now listing “outdoor lighting” as one of their most-wanted landscape upgrades, especially in areas where homeowners and their guests spend a lot of time outside. Hence, hiring someone to do a superior job on your landscape lighting means money that’s returned to your pocket when it’s time to sell.

If you’d like to learn more about options for landscape lighting, products available, and what would work best for your outdoor entertainment area, call the experts at Huckleberry Landscape Design and schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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