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dunk™ Pools

For some Canadians, a backyard isn’t complete until there’s some water in it. And for many of us, that means more than a tiny fountain, a pond, or even a waterfall. It means having a pool where you can take a quick dip on a hot – or not so hot – summer day. But what do you do if your outdoor space isn’t quite large enough for the conventional swimming pool? Or what if your wallet doesn’t support a large inground pool? You choose a dunk™ pool!

At Huckleberry Landscape Design, we’ve partnered with dunk™ to bring you the best in affordable small pools. This Canadian company offers swimming pools as small as 10’x10’, ideal for the water lover who wants to enjoy a backyard swim but doesn’t have the space or budget for something larger. These pools are a dream come true for homeowners who never thought they’d own a pool, simply because of space restrictions and/or cost. As a matter of fact, dunk™ pools average just half the cost of conventional inground pools!

Manufactured in Nanaimo, British Columbia, dunk™ pools are not only affordable but also efficient, smart, and totally relocatable. Furthermore, there are tons of additional and obvious benefits to having a pool in your backyard.


These include:

  • Heath and fitness perks for you and your family – Dunking is good for you! Being in the water, whether you’re just playing with the kids or swimming for fitness, is healthy. And having a dunk™ pool in the backyard means less time sitting at the computer or playing with your smart phone because you’ll want to be outside enjoying your pool.
  • Your happiness quotient will rise – Yes, there is actually research that shows that those who take time to splash around in a pool – especially one in their own backyard – are happier than those who stay out of the water.
  • Your friends will want to spend lots of time with you – Yup, you’re going to be popular as soon as you install your dunk™ pool. If you enjoy having company, chances are it’ll be easy to entice your friends and family to come over once your pool is ready for fun. It’s also a great place for the kids to hang with their friends, so you’ll always know where they are after school or during summer holiday.
  • You’ll sleep better after a dunk – More research demonstrates that after a late night swim or dip in the pool, your muscles relax, your aches diminish, and you feel refreshed and better than you’ve felt all day. That improves the quality of your sleep, too.

At Huckleberry Landscape Design, we install these little gems, which range in size from the Ultra Soaker (10’x10”) to The Big Chill (10’x30’). These pre-fabricated units are designed for easy installation by the professionals at our company and each system includes all the components necessary for a fully-functioning swimming pool, available at a fraction of the cost of standard backyard pools.

We will work with the homeowner on site preparation for your dunk™ pool, clearing obstructions or overhangs and removing any other debris that needs to be eliminated. We help provide clear access for the equipment needed to install the pool and – finally – we bring the pool to you and install it in the space you’ve chosen. In just 3-5 days, your dunk™ pool will be ready for you to enjoy!

Want to hear more about the dunk™ pool? Call us for further details and to learn about your options for securing your very own backyard swimming hole!


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